6 Must-have Features for Every B2B E-commerce Platform

B2B businesses

The modern Business to business E-commerce is on the rise, and the way merchants are now looking at the business has also changed. In the past B2B used to be just an extension of B2C which is business to customers. But now all businesses alike are understanding the importance of having B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms which were once used by large companies such as Amazon and eBay.

The most interesting part about B2B e-commerce platforms is that they can’t just be used for any type of business due to ever-changing needs and technological advancements and also because each company is unique from the other. Below are some of the features which are most sought out by most merchants.

Account onboarding

This is one crucial feature that will help to separate users. Incorporation of the registration process allows the B2B uses to register with the website separately. Also having different logic is very important for the resellers in B2B.

Group allocation for customers

Depending on credit request and back office logic customers will be assigned into different groups. The merchant can concentrate on the user experience, giving pricing and customizing depending on the customer groups.


Most B2B merchants prefer having different payments methods like Pay metric, Vantiv, credit lie payments, and partial payments. These payment methods don’t come integrated with platforms such as Magento. These payment methods are used based on the ERP which is used by the merchant’s business requirements.


Shipping is vital when it comes to B2B businesses taking into consideration the difficulty and the shipping rules based on the needs of the customer.B2B companies also need to be integrated with shipping options like LTL for weight which is more than 150lbs.

Quick order

Most B2B customers usually know what they want from the SKU to the product number. This features offers a form where the customers can fill in the quantities and item numbers. The feature also helps them in quickly adding their products to the cart without using a lot of energy browsing and looking for the same product.

Sample product ordering

For businesses which offer bulk ordering, customers prefer to check for the quality of the products by sampling. This feature makes it possible for the site to provide product samples to clients before they order in bulk.


The above features are just a pinch of the kind of features you will get with B2B e-commerce platforms. Various platforms provide different features, and it’s up to you to select the one which has features that will help in the growth of your business.


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