3 Things Which You Should Consider When Choosing a B2B E-commerce Platform


Regardless of whether you sell bikinis or bottles of lemonade having a plan when choosing a B2B e-commerce platform is very important. The most recent trends show that most customers opt for shopping online as compared to offline. B2B e-commerce platform has various types of customers such as B2B consumers (the company resells the services and products to these consumers) and the distributors and wholesalers. These are people who sell your company’s products to other B2B companies and dealers who at times can sell the products and services on behalf of the company.

Knowing the type of customers, you have can also assist you in choosing a B2B e-commerce platform. Here are 5 things which you should first consider when choosing a b2b e-commerce platform.

Your company’s objectives for your B2B e-commerce platform

It is crucial to know and understand what you want for your store before launching an e-commerce platform. Selecting the platform when you have already identified what you want for your e-commerce store will make sure that your objectives and business needs are well supported.

Will the platform be good for B2B e-commerce?

The platform which you will choose should have good past experience with meeting all the demands of an e-commerce store. Carry out a research and find out what other similar stores are using and if the platform they are using has the required experience to meet the needs of an e-commerce store such as mobile friendliness, traffic volume, and search engine optimization. B2B stores operate well in an open source platform like Magento. The demands of a B2B e-commerce store are more than that of a B2C store.

Can you integrate any software in your new platform?

Integration is very crucial for the success of your online store. Large companies which use B2B e-commerce platforms know that integration of an already existing software such as CRM to the back office is crucial. Creating an IT environment which improves the efficiency of your company is also vital. If the software which you are using cannot integrate into your new e-commerce platform, it will end up negatively affecting the final result.


When selecting a B2B e-commerce platform to ensure that you choose the one which has a proven success rate of developing most B2B stores and one which can quickly adapt to the changing needs of your business.


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